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Control Joysticks, Load Systems, Sliprings

We supply Robway load display Units RCI-4100, loadpins, anti-two block systems, Rayco Wylie i300, i3500, i4000, i4500 rated capacity indicators, load cells , most of these items we carry as stock.

Safe load indicators for cranes

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    Slipring ACSmith

    We at singmarine offshore services supply, repair & overhaul slip rings, control joysticks c/w control stations and load control systems of all brands & designs.

    Singmarine Offshore Services can provide (OEM  parts) or replacement spare parts for sliprings, joystick. load display and its associated accessories. We directly procure the spare parts from OPM accordance to the parts installed by the equipment manufacturer. All types of slipring for sale

    Most people are under the impression that sliprings / rotary electric joints & electric swivels are used only on offshore assets like offshore cranes or onshore cranes used on buildings for construction such as tower cranes but the assumption is not accurate. A slip ring is an electro-mechanical equipment that permits the transmission of control and electrical signals from a stationary to a revolving structure  hence an electrical slipring could be used on  any structure which needs electricity for 360 degrees such as medical imaginary machines, rotary tables, turbines, AC Motors and these days in IT industries for data transmission.

    Slipring, Load Control Devices,Control Joystick

    Crane Slipring


    Electromechanical Device

    AC Smith Slipring S-1  

    AC Smith Slipring S-10 

    AC Smith Slipring S-65

    AC Smith Slipring S-100

    AC Smith Slipring S-150

    AC Smith Slipring S-300

    AC Smith Slipring S-600

    Slipring Rotors

    Slipring Assemblies

    Through Bore Sliprings & Customized Slipring

    Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

    Alternator Sliprings & Hollow Slipring

    High Current Slipring


    i4500 load indicator rayco wylie

    Load Control

    Load Indicating System

    Rayco Wylie Rated Capacity Indiactor i3000, i3500, i4000, i4500

    Rayco Wylie W890 Load Shackle Indicator

    Rayco Wylie Load Cells

    Load System Components

    Tension Load Pins

    Load Cells



    MIPEG 2000 Aanderaa Load Display

    Spohn Burkhardt Joystick KVSCO 96

    Joystick & Foot Pedal

    Control Mechanism

    Spohn & Burkhardt Joystick

    Spohn KVSCO & STORZ Joystick

    ST1 Joystick, ST4 Joystick, MO Joystick, VNSO Joystick, NNSO Joystick, CS1 Joystick, NS3 Joystick, HS2 Joystick, JMS23 Joystick, NSO-SFA Joystick

    Bosch Rexroth 1-2THL Joystick

    Bosch Rexroth 4TH6E Joystick

    Bosch Rexroth 2HE5R Foot Pedal

    Bosch Rexroth 4THE5NR Foot Pedal

    Schneider XD2G Joystick Controller, Schneider XD4/XD5 Joystick, Schneider XKBA/XKBE Joystick, Schneider XKDF Joystick, Schneider XKMA Joystick,  Schneider XKMB Joystick, Schneider XKMC Joystick


    Control Joysticks

    We provide all kind of control joysticks & foot pedals for cranes both offshore and onshore cranes. we have huge stock for Baker Marine Crane Joysticks & Favco Crane Joysticks. Our joysticks can be used on BMC 2250, BMC 1600, BMC 1000, BMC 900 Cranes and Favco 7.5/10K, 12/10K, 20/10K Cranes.

    Load Control System, LCI, LMI

    We provide complete load control systems for cranes such as load indicator display unit, Angle Sensors, Limit Switches (Main Limit Switch & Auxiliary Limit Switches, Dynamo Assembly, Anti-2 Blocks, Load Pins, Load Links, Main Hoist Load Cells, Aux Hoist Load Cells. These are our huge stock for Baker Marine Cranes, LeTourneau  & Favco Cranes. Our Load control components can be used on BMC 2250, BMC 1600, BMC 1000, BMC 900 Cranes and Favco 7.5/10K, 12/10K, 20/10K Cranes, PCM 120 Crane, PCM 220 Crane, PCM 350 Cranes.
    MIPEG 2000 Aanderaa Load Display