Cummins KTA 19 Engine & Spares

We supply brand new and reconditioned Caterpillar & Cummins Engines

Caterpillar C18, 3506 Engine & Spares

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Caterpillar & Cummins Engines

Mcgregor Offshore Pedestal Crane

We supply brand new caterpillar engines, cummins engines and also reconditioned units of both caterpillar and cummins engines. We also provide maintenance & overhauling of the engines.

Singmarine Offshore Services can provide spare parts (OEM engine parts) or replacement engine parts. We directly procure the spare parts from OPM accordance to the parts installed by the equipment manufacturer.

Caterpillar & Cummins Engines

Cummins Engines


Cummins KTA 19 Engine / KTA 19 Marine Engine

Cummins 6CTA D.3M Engine

Cummins QSK 19 Engine / QSK 23 Engine / QSK 30 Engine

Cummins QSK 50 Engine / QSK 60 Engine

Cummins KTA 50 DPM Engine / QSK 50 DPM Engine 

Radiator & Coolers for KTA 19, 6CTA8.3DM and Other Engines

Caterpillar C18 Engine

Caterpillar Engine

Hydraulic System

Caterpillar G3520 J Engine / G330B Engine / G3306B Engine / G3406 Engine / G3412 Engine / G3412 Engine

Caterpillar C18 Engine

Cummins Engine Overhaul Kit

Cummins Engine & Caterpillar Engine Overhaul kit or Repair Kit


Cummins Engine Filters

Caterpillar Engine Filters

Cummins Engine Air Starter

Caterpillar Engine Air Starter

Cummin Engine Water Temperature Gauge, Lube Oil Pressure Gauge, Tacho Meter Gauge

Caterpillar Engine Water Temperature Gauge, Lube Oil Pressure Gauge, Tacho Meter Gauge

Cummins Engine Coolant & Lubricants

Caterpillar Engine Coolant & Lubricants

Cummins Engine Control Panel Electrical Parts

Caterpillar Engine Control Panel Electrical Parts

Cummins Engine Fasteners

Caterpillar Engine Fasteners

Engine Heaters




Offshore Crane Inspection

Offshore Pedestal Crane Inspection

We provide intended periodic inspection to Amclyde cranes to keep the equipment safe and fit for use with compliance to local jurisdiction

Offshore Pedestal Crane MRO

Singmarine has the technical expertise to to maintain, repair & overhaul offshore pedestal cranes and its components either or onboard or at singmarine facility