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We offer personalized project management services for your Favelle Favco Cranes

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Favelle Favco Cranes

We provide technicians and service engineers for inspection, preventive maintenance & overhauling of the Favelle Favco crane complete with spare parts. 

Singmarine Offshore Services can provide (OEM Favco crane parts) or replacement crane parts. We directly procure the spare parts from OPM accordance to the parts installed by the equipment manufacturer.

Favelle Favco Crane Parts

Electrical Spare Parts

Favelle Favco Crane Parts

Hydraulic System

Offshore Pedestal Crane Parts

Mechanical Spare Parts

Favelle Favco Crane Inspection & MRO

Favco Crane Inspection

We provide intended periodic inspection to Amclyde cranes to keep the equipment safe and fit for use with compliance to local jurisdiction

Favco Crane MRO

Singmarine has the technical expertise to to maintain, repair & overhaul Amclyde cranes and its components either or onboard or at singmarine facility

Refurbishment & Supply of Parts to Favelle Favco Cranes

Inspection & Refurbishment of Favco Cranes by Singmarine Offshore Services.

Singmarine with its associates worked on the project, providing engineering, supervision, manpower and spare parts.

Singmarine carried out overhaul for the following items.

The Axial Piston Pump & Motor (AHAX-008-3000 & AHBX-0016-8000) was inspected and found working port, suction port were clogged, severe oil leakage and splined shaft were damaged. Singmarine provided spare parts & technical support for overhaul.

Brand New Joysticks / Hydraulic pilot control units (AHFX-0012-0000 / AHFX-0012-7000 / AHFX-0012-8000) were supplied and installed.

Singmarine can supply individual Favco crane spare parts or complete spare parts package for five yearly special periodic survey.

Favco crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new Favco crane models and older Favco crane types.

Crane service engineers & technicians are available to work on Favco cranes. Crane engineers have many years of experience with Favco cranes and can carry out crane maintenance, crane troubleshooting, repairs, overload test, crane slew bearing change-outs, crane inspections and all other types of Favco crane repair.

Some of the Favco crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below;