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    MacGregor Crane Parts & Maintenance

    MacGregor Crane

    We provide technicians and service engineers for inspection, preventive maintenance & overhauling of the Macgregor crane complete with spare parts. 

    Singmarine Offshore Services can provide (OEM Macgregor crane parts) or replacement crane parts. We directly procure the spare parts from OPM accordance to the parts installed by the equipment manufacturer.

    McGregor Crane Parts

    Electrical Motors, Controls, Soft Starter

    Mcgregor Crane Electrical Parts

    Electrical Controls

    Control Panel

    Control Switches


    Termination Cables

    Limit Switches

    Electric Motors




     Amplifier cards

    Other Macgregor crane parts

    Mcgregor Crane Hydraulic Parts

    Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic Filtration

    Hydraulic Motors

    Hydraulic Pumps

    Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

    Valves & Catridges

    Directional Control Valves

    Brake Solenoid Valves


    Other Macgregor Hydraulic parts

    Sheave-Wire Rope,Hook Block,Winch, Socket

    Mcgregor Crane Mechanical Parts


    Hook Blocks

    Headache Ball

    Crane Sheaves

    Steel Wire Ropes 

    Wedges, Sockets & Shackles


    Gears & Pinions



    Other Macgregor Crane Parts

    MacGregor Crane Inspection & MRO

    Offshore Crane Inspection

    Macgregor Crane Inspection

    We provide intended periodic inspection to MacGregot cranes to keep the equipment safe and fit for use with compliance to local jurisdiction

    Macgregor Crane MRO

    Singmarine has the technical expertise to to maintain, repair & overhaul Amclyde cranes and its components either or onboard or at singmarine facility

    Refurbishment & Supply of Parts To MacGregor Crane

    Inspection & Refurbishment of MacGregor Crane by Singmarine Offshore Services.

    Singmarine with its associates worked on the project, providing engineering, supervision, manpower and spare parts.

    Singmarine carried out overhaul for the following items.

    1) Hydraulic pumps

    2) Hydraulic motors

    3) Gearboxes

    4) Wire rope Sheaves

    5) Diesel Engine

    Both cranes were removed from the rig at Jurong Shipyard Singapore. An inspection test plan was issued to the customer for the various activities involved in the refurbishment of all the sub-assemblies of the MacGregor crane.

    We completed the removal of the cranes into elementary components such as four electrical motors, two motor generator sets, four gear boxes, crane wiring, winch drum and drive shaft, and swing rollers.

    Our associate partner has carried Non Destruction Testing on the machinery house, king post and the king post cap components.

    We supplied and installed new complete rewiring kits consisting of control boards, new cables, control buttons, joysticks, contractors and circuit breakers.

    One of the MacGregor Crane was prohibited for refurbishment due to widespread corrosion on the boom sections and other crane required a modification for the installation of an aux hoist gear box and motor assembly and deflector sheave brackets.

    Singmarine supplied all the spares parts for the refurbishment on the cranes.

    Singmarine can supply individual MacGregor crane spare parts or complete spare parts package for five yearly special periodic survey.

    MacGregor crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new MacGregor crane models and older MacGregor crane types.

    Crane service engineers & technicians are available to work on MacGregor cranes. Crane engineers have many years of experience with MacGregor cranes and can carry out crane maintenance, crane troubleshooting, repairs, overload test, crane slew bearing change-outs, crane inspections and all other types of MacGregor crane repair.
    Some of the MacGregor crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below.


    GL/GLE Vessel Crane, Max Capacity 100T

    GLH/GLHE HD Vessel Crane, Max Capacity 500T

    GLB/GLBE Bulk Carrier Vessel Crane, Max Capacity 45T

    LC/LCS Container Vessel Crane, Max Capacity 45T

    K4 Four Rope Grab Crane for Bulk Carriers, Max Capacity 50T

    Lattice Boom Crane for Offshore Fixed and Floating Platforms, 50T to 300T