Does your oil rig or oilfield equipment need spare parts or overhaul?

We offer personalized project management services to Baker Marine Cranes, such as Baker Marine Crane parts, BMC2250 crane parts,BMC1600 crane parts, BMC900 Crane parts based on your asset needs!

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Baker Marine Crane Parts, BMC2250 Crane Parts, BMC1600 Crane Parts, BMC900 Crane Parts

Baker Marine Crane (BMC)

We provide technicians and service engineers for inspection, preventive maintenance & overhauling of the Baker Marine cranes (BMC2250 Cranes, BMC1600 Cranes, BMC900 Cranes) complete with spare parts. 

Singmarine Offshore Services can provide (OEM BMC crane parts BMC2250/BMC1600/BMC900) or replacement crane parts. We directly procure the spare parts from OPM accordance to the parts installed by the equipment manufacturer.

Baker Marine Crane parts (BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900) Components

Electrical Motors, Controls, Soft Starter

Baker Marine Crane Electrical Parts

BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900

Control Panel

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Joysticks canadian online pharmacy Termination Cables Limit Switches

Electric Motors canadian pharmacy world

Potentiometer canadian pharmaceuticals online reviews

Batteries canadian pharmacy king

canada pharmaceuticals online Slipring

 Amplifier cards viagra online

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Baker Marine Crane Hydraulic Parts

BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900

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Hydraulic Pumps canadian pharmacies that ship to us

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HPU canada pharmaceuticals online Other BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900 Hydraulic parts

Sheave-Wire Rope,Hook Block,Winch, Socket

Baker Marine Crane Mechanical Parts

BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900

Hook Blocks online levitra

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Crane Sheaves

Steel Wire Ropes 

Wedges, Sockets & Shackles


Gears & Pinions



Other BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900 Crane Parts

Offshore Crane Inspection

Baker Marine Crane Inspection (BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900)

We provide intended periodic inspection to Baker Marine Cranes (BMC2250, BMC1600, BMC900) cranes to keep the equipment safe and fit for use with compliance to local jurisdiction

Baker Marine Crane (BMC220, BMC1600, BMC900) MRO

Singmarine has the technical expertise to to maintain, repair & overhaul BMC2250, BMC1600 & BMC900 cranes and its components either or onboard or at singmarine facility

Inspection & Refurbishment of Baker Marine Crane, BMC2250 Crane by Singmarine Offshore Services.

Singmarine with its associates worked on the project, providing engineering, supervision, manpower and spare parts.

Singmarine  carried out overhaul on 3 x Baker Marine Cranes, BMC 2250, BMC 1600, BMC 900 for the following items :

  1. Hydraulic pumps
  2. Hydraulic motors
  3. Gearboxes
  4. Wire rope Sheaves
  5. Diesel Engine

The main hoist motor CA210 was inspected and found damaged has to be replaced. Singmarine procured a brand new CA210 Hagglunds Motor and installed the new motor complete with an existing MDA 10 Hagglunds brake.

Ausco Brakes, Oerlikon Gearboxes seals & oil rings were successfully replaced  

Singmarine can supply individual Baker Marine cranes BMC 2250, BMC 1600, BMC 900 spare parts or complete spare parts package for five yearly special periodic survey.

Baker Marine crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new Baker Marine crane models and older Baker Marine crane types.

Crane service engineers & technicians are available to work on Baker Marine cranes. Crane engineers have many years of experience with Baker Marine cranes and can carry out crane maintenance, crane troubleshooting, repairs, overload test, crane slew bearing change-outs, crane inspections and all other types of Baker Marine crane repair.
Some of the Baker Marine crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below; Baker Marine Crane, BMC 2250 Baker Marine Crane, BMC 1600 Baker Marine Crane, BMC 900 Baker Marine Crane

Baker Marine Crane Specifications

Baker Marine Crane Model Boom Length Main Hoist Capacity Aux Hoist Capacity
BMC 2250 120 Feet 50.0Tons @ 25 Feet 5.5Tons @ 100 Feet
BMC 1600 120 Feet 40.8Tons @ 25 Feet 5.5Tons @ 100 Feet
BMC 1000 100 Feet 22.5Tons @ 25 Feet 5.5Tons @ 100 Feet
BMC 900 100 Feet 21.7Tons @ 20 Feet 5.5Tons @ 100 Feet