Skidding System Cylinders

We offer personalized project management services for your skidding system and skidding cylinders

We offer complete package of spare parts & services tailored to your needs!

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    Skidding System Cylinders

    We provide technicians and service engineers for inspection, preventive maintenance & overhauling of the skidding system and cantilever & drillfloor skidding cylinders along with complete spare parts. 

    Singmarine Offshore Services can provide replacement for most of the OEM skidding system parts. We directly procure the spare parts from OPM accordance to the parts installed by the skidding system manufacturer.

    Skidding System Components

    Skidding System Cylinders

    Drill Floor Cylinder & Cantilever Cylinder

    Drill Floor Skidding Cylinder

    Cantilever Skidding Cylinder

    Single Acting & Double Acting Cylinder

    Custom Designed Hydraulic Cylinders



    Jacking Control Console

    Skidding Console Stand

    Skidding System Console & Electrical Parts

    Skidding System Control Console

    Hydraulic Power Unit

    Control Joysticks

    Proximity Switches


    Skidding System Hydraulic Components

    Hydraulic & Mechanical Parts


    Control Valves

    Gaskets & Seals

    Bolts & Nuts (Fasteners)

    Compression Springs


    Hoses, Breather Cap, NPT Plugs


    Skidding System Inspection & MRO

    Skidding System Inspection

    We provide intended periodic inspection to Skidding System to keep the equipment safe and fit for use with compliance to local jurisdiction

    Skidding System MRO

    Singmarine has the technical expertise to to maintain, repair & overhaul of skidding System and its components either or onboard or at singmarine facility