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We supply sheaves to all kind of cranes

Hook Block Sheaves

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    Crane Sheaves

    BMC 900 Crane Sheave
    We at singmarine offshore services support in supply sheaves to all type of cranes gantry crane sheaves, offshore pedestal crane sheaves, tower crane sheaves, construction crane sheaves , floating crane sheaves, rough terrain crane sheaves, truck mounted crane sheaves, harbour crane sheaves, level luffing crane sheaves and telescopic crane sheaves.

    Hook Block Sheaves

    Hook Block Sheave
    We supply hook block sheaves for almost all brands, inclusive of customized sheaves for hook blocks.
    • Gunnebo Johnson Hook Block Sheavs
    • Crosby Hook Block Sheaves
    • Mckissick Hook Block Sheaves
    • Gosan Hook Block Sheaves
    • Rope Block Hook Block Sheaves
    Sheave Bearings

    Sheave Bearings

    There are not much parts in a bearing like other equipment’s. Roller Bearing is one of those. Spherical Roller Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings.

    Custom Made Sheaves

    Singamarine Offshore can supply custom sheaves as per your requirement. Be it crane sheaves for BMC 2250 Crane, BMC 1600 Crane, BMC 900 Crane, Favco Cranes or hook block sheaves or for any other purpose we can full customize and make to fit your equipment.

    We need you to fill the following details to supply the custom made sheave

    1. Sheave Material (Plastic / Steel)
    2. Sheave Overall Dia (A)
    3. Sheave Root Dia (B)
    4. Sheave Groove Dia (C)
    5. Sheave Groove Angle
    6. Sheave Bore
    Singmarine Custom Made Sheave

    Bronze Bush Sheave

    Ball Bearing Sheave

    Roller Bearing Sheave

    singmarine bronze bushing sheave
    singmarine ball bearing sheave
    singmarine roller bearing sheave

    Nylon Sheave

    Cold formed Steel Sheaves

    Seatrax Nylon TA1002 Sheave Singmarine