Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

We specialize in crane services especially troubleshoot and repair, inspection, maintenance, refurbishment, erection & commissioning and load test of electro-hydraulic equipment’s in marine & offshore fields.

We are not limited to serve only certain equipment, in fact our certified inspector (according to API standard) and experienced/trained engineers would be able to solve marine and offshore technical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic related matters and carry out needed inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, overload test, etc.,

We carry out inspection for marine & offshore cranes, deck machinery as follows;


Half-yearly inspection

Yearly inspection

Five Year inspection

Depending on the needs of our clients we can deliver personnel with specialist or multi-skill sets. All crane operation personnel including operator/mechanics, operator/maintainers, and operator/assessors are trained and assessed to the latest industry standards.

Our team of multi-skilled technicians are available to work on hydraulics, mechanics and electrics on all types of cranes, mechanical handling and hydraulic systems.

Mechanical Services

Our mechanical engineers are capable to troubleshoot your mechanical & hydraulic equipment’s

Electrical Services

We deploy experienced and qualified electrical engineers on board who will assist with your operations and installation of electrical machinery & components.

Drillers control Room, MCC, VFD

Industrial Services